My name is Ioannis and I am a freelance photographer from Greece. I grew up in the Island of Santorini, a place that undoubtedly makes one to be an artist, even at its least sense of the meaning. From a young age I fell in love with history, archaeology, literature, music, history of arts, and developed a high admiration of foreign cultures. I fluently speak three languages English, Greek and Spanish as well as basic Italian.

I am continuously seeking to incorporate new forms of art to my photography, aiming to capture life’s authentic moments avoiding monotony. I enjoy being around people who come to our beautiful island to experience our daily life, and to share with us their special moments and passion. Art and the success of a photo-shooting is my major priority while session’s time restraints always come second.

I describe my photography as honest, sincere, realistic, and intimate and during the years of my career I have honed my aesthetic sensibilities and skills with passion, attention and love. Romance for me is a very important part, not only in photography but throughout my entire life. I’m interested in couple sessions, wedding sessions, single sessions, family sessions while I remain open towards any kind of suggestion of aesthetic nature. My focus is mainly beauty and making your traveling experience and your life’s most significant moments unforgettable.

Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to contact me.